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Re: (fonts) wikipedia challenge

Nicolas Mailhot wrote:
Le lundi 27 novembre 2006 à 16:58 -0500, Rik van Riel a écrit :
It looks like with all the fonts from FC6 and Fedora Extras, I
can display almost every font from http://wikipedia.org/

Almost!  There still appear to be 4 fonts missing from Fedora
that are used on the wikipedia front page.  We also lack some
glyphs in for example the Canadian Aboriginal Syllable, as
used by the Inuit and the Cree (and others?).

I think some of those were added to dejavu lately (the 2.12 packages in
FE devel). At least there was some noise about canadian strange stuff on
the irc channel, don't remember if it was merged or complete yet.

Ohhhhhh.  http://dejavu.sourceforge.net/ looks good indeed.

I simply did a yum search for "fonts" and installed every
package whose name began with fonts- ... now I have a lot

It looks like improving dejavu is the way to go, indeed.

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the best in the world, and those who believe it already is.  Each group
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