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Re: directions in Fedora desktop project

Thilo Pfennig schrieb:
> I would like to take the chance to try to convince on a last attempt the
> Fedora project to change its path. The problem starts if you try to find
> the right list to post such an article. There seems to be no list for
> discussing the Fedora project!?

Well, there are to many lists these days and here it there is a bit
chaos. This will probably cleaned up sooner or later (it was discussed
on fedora-advisory-board slightly already). Someone just has to work out
a scheme what to do, but nobody stepped up to work out something in
detailed yet.

> There are the more or less readonly or readprotected lists,

Only fedora-advisory and fedora-maintainers have a readonly variants
IIRC. Most other lists are open iirc.

> there is a
> general fedora-list, one for martketing,... - This list is the best
> guess I could make although I assume desktop means desktop enviroment.
> Anyway, I just want to post this now.

fedora-devel would have been the better place probably. I'd suggest you
send it there again.

> My general criticism is that Fedora is not a real community project.
> This can clearly be seen by the mailing list structure (as the future of
> Fedora can not really be discussed by the users). Fedora has stated to
> be a meritocracy (
> http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/FAQ#head-b9eb81965c2ef7b97979c8b3a9ba587b52da43c9
> ). There is a system of Ambassadors. Different from Ubuntu one can say
> that it is generally not wanted that users take the distribution into
> their own hands and make their own marketing. Who is ambassador?
> "Ambassadors program is a meritocracy, so the ones who have shown that
> they are actively doing the right thing will be best candidates."

There is work underdone to change this -- your were pointed to the
Summit-Pages already. A lot will change and we can need any help with it.

> [...]


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