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Re: Icon Theme

David Nielsen wrote:
The main point of the icon-naming side of the tango push is to make it
a more feasible task to do a complete set of icons, by reducing the
overall number of icons
Great, now when does Firefox, Thunderbird, The GIMP, Gaim and OpenOffice.org plan to support this scheme? Before they do (and I have no doubt that they will eventually but it might take years) this is still a perfectly valid concern, especially since all but one of those apps are in our default desktop.

It is a valid concern, yes but forcing one theme style is not the way to move ahead. It is very important that themes should be easily replaceable all across the desktop environment and applications. If not, thats a bug and should not used as a argument to adopt one theme.

I fully support the naming effort but it's not there yet so we need to be careful, we should also leverage the great work that has already been done by some of the FLOSS communitys finest artists, not to mention the large team they have already built to work on the Tango project.

If the Fedora art team wants to move ahead and adopt a different style, they should be encouraged and allowed to do that.


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