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Re: Icon Theme

Rahul Sundaram wrote:
David Nielsen wrote:
Before they do (and I have
no doubt that they will eventually but it might take years) this is still a perfectly valid concern, especially since all but one of those apps are in our default desktop.

It is a valid concern, yes but forcing one theme style is not the way to move ahead. It is very important that themes should be easily replaceable all across the desktop environment and applications. If not, thats a bug and should not used as a argument to adopt one theme.


I fully support the naming effort but it's not there yet so we need to be careful, we should also leverage the great work that has already been done by some of the FLOSS communitys finest artists, not to mention the large team they have already built to work on the Tango project.

If the Fedora art team wants to move ahead and adopt a different style, they should be encouraged and allowed to do that.

This was a big point brought up at the GNOME Boston Summit a few weeks ago, and Andy Fitzsimon brought a really interesting idea to the table:


('SVG Crack' section)

Take a look at the monitor variations on the right. Same SVG, graphics generated by applying different CSS to the SVG.

Basically we could use the Tango SVGs as an 'upstream' and using stylesheets apply different transformations to the Tango SVGs to create whichever look we like. In cases where we want to change the icon entirely (e.g. for the Trash icon) we can override it in the icon theme.

Andy I'm sure can explain more of the technical details behind this. But I feel this is a better use of time and resources - developing a look via stylesheet applied to upstream icons - rather than starting from scratch. We'll still be able to have a distinct visual identity for Fedora, we'll still be able to override particular icons from upstream if we feel the need, but! We'll *also* be able to join in the upstream Tango effort and add our resources to the already pretty large pool of talent in the Tango team and help upstream as well as get we would like done as well. The Fedora art folks can join the wider FOSS art community and learn from and interact with many of the seasoned pros there.

Unfortunately, this would mean some manual grunt work in arranging the already-existing Tango icons, some minor modifications to Inkscape to make it easier to make these mods (I think probably the equivalent would be adding classes to html elements to apply a stylesheet.)

Overall though I think it's an awesome idea, it solves a lot of problems, it's do-able, and it's very innovative and cool! There is a lot of power in SVG we haven't taken advantage of yet and this would be a great way for Fedora to lead the way!


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