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Re: Icon Theme

On Tuesday, 28 Nov 2006, David Nielsen wrote:

> I've tried convincing the art team of Tangos superior design,
> consistency, usability, accessibility and progress for a while now, it
> hasn't really brought me any good fortune, infact I think the term
> used was "trolling".  One problem we are sure to encounter though is
> that Tango has wide upstream acceptance, The gimp, Jokosher and many
> other fine existing and upcoming big FLOSS projects uses and relies on
> Tango. As many of these, the biggest two being the GIMP and
> OpenOffice, aren't readily themeable via standard means, it will mean
> a lot of work for the art team to get the same coverage not to mention
> cooperation with the packagers (not an issue after the core/extras
> merge I wonder?) and if they don't manage that it means inconsistency
> for the users which is all together not desirable.

I remembered I read those posts. Your views judging from now are
correct. We should put consistency, usability, accessibility first and
whether to have a unique look second.


> That being said, the correct place to debate such issues is probably
> the fedora-art list.

I think Icon theming firstly concerns usability. The most noticeable
change for a distribution.

> - David Nielsen


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