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Re: Icon Theme

David Nielsen wrote:

Having a default is forcing a setting on the users, Echo is no less forcing a style on our users than Tango is. The question is do we want to force a good setting or a bad setting on our users.

For themes, there is no one specific good or bad choice. The argument you are making is that some upstream projects are adopting a particular style and changing the style in those applications are hard currently so we should adopt that particular style. In every application, it should be made possible to change it to any particular style that the user prefers. Defaults are not forcing a change, The inability to change it would be.

Can Echo reach full coverage for FC7, realistically?

We dont know yet. It might be possible. Sooner if you contribute. If there are problems, we need bug reports. We dont need to cover everything. Just the common ones would be good enough for a first iteration.

 Also how do we encourage the various upstreams to
make it easier do awesomeartshit

This is the direction we need to think more. If tango or any other theme is provided in Fedora as alternatives, we should fix whatever implementation deficiencies that make it harder to choose the style that the users prefer. For example, making RHGB more themeable or switching to a better implementation.


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