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Re: directions in Fedora desktop project

Rahul Sundaram schrieb:
> Thilo Pfennig wrote:
>> Rahul Sundaram schrieb:
>>> No. Its not. Everyone was open to join the fedora summit channel and
>>> send feedback. Fedora devel list is also open to everyone.
>> But the wiki is not. And as summit is over no irc contributions. I know
>> that I may post emails to most fedora lists, but thats not much. I can
>> also do this on every open mailing lists for any proprietary software.
> Summit had a IRC channel. #fedora-summit as I have already pointed out
> in a previous message. What more do you need?
Direct access to the wiki with different license and without the need to
sign a CLA. So my options really are:

 * Build a community version of Fedora or
 * Just leave the project.



Thilo Pfennig
PfennigSolutions - Wiki-Systeme

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