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Fedora Community anbody?

As things are today (see thread Re: directions in Fedora desktop
project), it seems if users who want to contribute to Fedora but want to
contribute would have to make a community version of the community
project Fedora. I am not saying that I think that this sounds good or
makes sense.

Generally said  I would like a project that takes the software that
Fedora has and built a community and distribution of its own. So this
project would not have to follow any of the considerations that Red Hat
or Fedora Board has ever taken. I would enable everybody to contribute,
again. So something like Fedora Unity but with a different flavour and
sure no Fedora in its name or logo, although following some Fedora paths
in future development. As I have heard making branches of Fedora should 
become easier. Maybe this would be a choice?


Thilo Pfennig
PfennigSolutions - Wiki-Systeme

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