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Re: Fedora Community anbody?

Thilo Pfennig wrote:
As things are today (see thread Re: directions in Fedora desktop
project), it seems if users who want to contribute to Fedora but want to
contribute would have to make a community version of the community
project Fedora. I am not saying that I think that this sounds good or
makes sense.

It doesnt. We already have hundreds of non Red Hat contributors in Fedora and this is a constantly growing number. The proposal to merge core and extras is a important effort that would strongly move Fedora more into the community front.

Generally said  I would like a project that takes the software that
Fedora has and built a community and distribution of its own. So this
project would not have to follow any of the considerations that Red Hat
or Fedora Board has ever taken. I would enable everybody to contribute,
again. So something like Fedora Unity but with a different flavour and
sure no Fedora in its name or logo, although following some Fedora paths
in future development. As I have heard making branches of Fedora should become easier. Maybe this would be a choice?

The goals and benefits of such a fork is not very clear and unless those are clearly stated, it would be difficult to gather any interest in such a effort. Your only major contention about Fedora seems to from misconceptions about the CLA which is a legal safety mechanism used by a large number of Free software projects including Apache, Openoffice.org etc[1]. We havent heard many complaints about the CLA itself but there is some difficulties especially for non technical folks in the process of signing a CLA and joining the various sub projects due to the disconnected nature of these systems and there is a effort to fix that[2].

If you want to focus your efforts on a derivative distribution, there is a large number of them already which you could contribute[3] and we are working on creating tools such as Pilgrim and Pungi that would help the community do this more easily[4]. So if indeed you would like to go this route, the choice is already exercised very well.



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