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Modern File Heirarchy

Do away with the standard unix directory heirarchy.  It's archaic,
non-intuitive, non-internationalized and dangerous from an application
management perspective.

This would be a massive change to the entire system, primarily
consisting of creating some standard env variables that point to
standard directories.  Also a switch to application directories would
be done.

A linux distribution has been built around this idea and has been
successfull at working out the technical details.  It's called
GoboLinux and you can find out more about it here:
http://www.gobolinux.org/?page=at_a_glance  They have a piece on
common conserns about the idea here:

This would take big steps in both usability and internationalization,
which are both top goals for Fedora.  I'm hoping that the Fedora
leadership is serious enough about pushing the state of the technology
that they will seriously consider such an idea.  It will have to
happen eventually in my opinion.

This is done on the windows world, and is one aspact that makes
windows easier to use and more flexible than Fedora.  There are 12 env
variables on my win xp system that point to directories for various

Bryan Livingston

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