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Re: Modern File Heirarchy

On 9/2/06, Matthew Miller <mattdm mattdm org> wrote:
On Sat, Sep 02, 2006 at 02:43:23PM -0600, Bryan Livingston wrote:
> Do away with the standard unix directory heirarchy.  It's archaic,
> non-intuitive, non-internationalized and dangerous from an application
> management perspective.

No filesystem hierarchy is intuitive. Therefore, until we've got a solution
for that, let's not muck around with the perfectly serviceable one we've

Directories named with plain english words are easier to understand
than things like /etc and /usr.  Do you not see that?

> This is done on the windows world, and is one aspact that makes
> windows easier to use and more flexible than Fedora.  There are 12 env

Actually, it's one of the things that makes Windows a management and
security nightmare.

I don't see how that is.  Having the system directory change from
c:\winnt to c:\windows never cost me a single bit of grief, while it
did allow for side by side installs.

I realize that this idea is pretty drastic and don't expect you to
like the idea at first glance.  All I'm asking is that you give it
some serious thought rather than shoot it down out of arrogance.


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