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Re: Modern File Heirarchy

Bryan Livingston wrote:
> Directories named with plain english words are easier to understand
> than things like /etc and /usr.  Do you not see that?
Easier to understand in what way? There's something called the Filesystem
Hierarchy Standard [1], which defines explicitly what each directory in a
Unix-like system is for. (There is also the hier(7) manual page that contains
the same information.)

Also, please remember that English is not the only language in use for most
GNU/Linux distributions. For example, instead of "/etc" you'd have to account
or using "Configuration" (English) or "Configuración" (Spanish) or even things
like "Configuração" (Portuguese).

> I don't see how that is.  Having the system directory change from
> c:\winnt to c:\windows never cost me a single bit of grief, while it
> did allow for side by side installs.
Concurrent installs of different versions/etc can be done in GNU/Linux as well.
Is there an aspect of this that you're referring to that prevents or discourages

[1] http://www.pathname.com/fhs/
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