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Re: Modern File Heirarchy

Matthew Miller wrote:
On Sun, Sep 03, 2006 at 12:21:55AM -0600, Bryan Livingston wrote:
Concurrent installs of different versions/etc can be done in GNU/Linux as
well. Is there an aspect of this that you're referring to that prevents
or discourages this?
With Linux I'm only familiar with doing it on separate partitions.  In
windows at least you can run side by side on a single file system.

As I said before, that's only because Windows is terrible at handling

In the end, the hierarchy is arbitrary, you can write any interpretation to cover it up and make it appear different, as we have seen on OSX. Personally, I come from the Linux as a religion corner, unless you can show without doubt that the filesystem is essentially flawed, then you are messing with something sacro-sanct out of self-importance. Of all the things on the dock to work on in the Linux environment, changing the filesystem opens up the least number of possibilities for advancement in concrete usability.

/Jason Knight

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