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Re: Modern File Heirarchy

søn, 03 09 2006 kl. 15:03 -0700, skrev Peter Gordon:
> Matthew Miller wrote:
> > Sure. Categorizing and grouping is great. But is a tree the best
> > representation?
> In something like this, yes. The hierarchy continues subdividing the
> filesystem into distinct areas, similar to how one might organize their
> home directory with a folder for music, one for documents, one for videos,
> one for pictures, etc.

This just SCREAMS translation hell to me, it's bad enough that f-spot
and banshee both by default creates and uses english directories in my
homedir. f-spot being the biggest offender since you can't change the
directory name.

Now if we are talking about some kind of vFolder it would be entirely
possible to hide the nastiness that is FHS (and by deity I hate the FHS)
and we could solve translation issues as well I think since a vFolder
could be created in runtime and wouldn't rely on physical presence on
the harddrive. I imagine Beagle or Tracker would be our friends in this

If a proposal to fix this once and for all is to be made, let's addresse
all the issues and do the work upstream where possible. Simply renaming
the directories will be not solve every issue the FHS has nor will it
provide the extensions we need on the desktop to make assumptions as to
placement of files by type.

The only sane thing to do is to create a vFolder on the fly on a per
session basis using search results from something like Beagle. We could
thus assume putting photos in ~/.photos and having a generated search
folder for photos localized (encompassing .photos and everywhere else in
~), in my case that would be ~/Billeder (da_DK.UTF-8) for use in
Nautilus and as a bonus it would be visible in the terminal as well if
we did it correctly at least.

- David Nielsen

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