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Re: Modern File Heirarchy

Jeff Spaleta wrote:
On 9/2/06, Bryan Livingston <bryanlivingston gmail com> wrote:
I realize that this idea is pretty drastic and don't expect you to
like the idea at first glance.  All I'm asking is that you give it
some serious thought rather than shoot it down out of arrogance.

Take your earth shattering ideas over to the mailinglists which work
on the FHS if you are seriously interested in working with people to
change things as fundamental as the filesystem directory structure
naming.   Remember that part of Fedora's mission is to work WITH
upstream developers as much as possible.  If you and the gobolinux
people really think this is the wave of the future, put your best foot
forward and engage the people who control the FHS document.  I would
however caution you to use far less provocative and emotional a
writing style. And do your best to avoid such classically ironic
comments such as the above arrogant insinuation concerning the
arrogance of others.  I personally think it would be
quite...arrogant... for the Fedora leadership to make such a
fundamental change on the strength of your passionate, if there hasn't
been a discussion with the people driving the established filesystem
standardization process about your idea.
Here here, I for one and getting tired of this in my inbox.

For reference, here is the page of interest concerning FHS discussions:

-jef"english-centric views are so narrow-minded, so 20th century, so
decedent western society...if we are going to make a drastic change..
lets rename the filesystem in chinese"spaleta
I agree with this :)

-jason"Computer systems should be designed in such a way as to be incomprehensible to the newcomer and elite hacker alike, computers must be an equalizer in so much as we are all equally ignorant, an esoteric quest for understanding if you will. Making things easy is the Windows way at the cost of control, making things beautiful is the Apple way at the cost of freedom, making things functional is the Linux way at the cost of immediate comprehension."knight

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