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Re: ALT - Modern File Heirarchy

There is an alternative to dumbing down the file system, that's wisen-up the user.

From a novice point of view I suggested something like this in this bug:

All the information's available, all the tools are available: 'tool-tips'; Notes
tab in Gnomes Properties dialogue.  Just populate the Notes with useful
educational information about the file system which by default displays as a
'tool-tip' over various elements of the file system (when it becomes annoying
and redundant comment the Notes out, or some such, so they go away).


Bryan Livingston wrote:
> Do away with the standard unix directory heirarchy.  It's archaic,
> non-intuitive, non-internationalized and dangerous from an application
> management perspective.
> This would be a massive change to the entire system, primarily
> consisting of creating some standard env variables that point to
> standard directories.  Also a switch to application directories would
> be done.
> A linux distribution has been built around this idea and has been
> successfull at working out the technical details.  It's called
> GoboLinux and you can find out more about it here:
> http://www.gobolinux.org/?page=at_a_glance  They have a piece on
> common conserns about the idea here:
> http://www.gobolinux.org/index.php?page=doc/articles/clueless
> This would take big steps in both usability and internationalization,
> which are both top goals for Fedora.  I'm hoping that the Fedora
> leadership is serious enough about pushing the state of the technology
> that they will seriously consider such an idea.  It will have to
> happen eventually in my opinion.
> This is done on the windows world, and is one aspact that makes
> windows easier to use and more flexible than Fedora.  There are 12 env
> variables on my win xp system that point to directories for various
> things.

Morgan Read

fedora: Freedom Forever!

"By choosing not to ship any proprietary or binary drivers, Fedora does differ
from other distributions. ..."
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