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Themes & Icons related


I tend to switch my icons and themes to have a glossy look or something else depending on my mood. Both on my desktop as well as within firefox and thunderbird. Now for icons within GNOME, i can always pick up icons from gnome-looks or some such site. But the biggest sore point about something like that is that i need to keep checking every now and then on the site to see if there is a newer version of the same theme. But in the case of my browser, when i check for extensions / themes, the update procedure is rather simple.

Now I do understand that it is not a good option that all the theme writers be asked to publish rpms and maintain a repository. I am considering that may be we need a simpler update/publish mechanism which a theme write would be able to build / publish easily. Atleast if we can get support from the sites themselves to provide such publishings, it would be great. So the next time I do an update, I am informed about the various theme updates and get the latest details without having to do a lot of running around.

Event if we were to build these themes as rpms, so as to have the least possible impact to the deployment process, it would be great if repository information could be provided at some place.

This may be the wrong list to send this mail, but I am hopeful that this information can be conveyed across to the appropriate people.

Just my views,

p.s.: If something like this already exists, then ignore this mail and enlighten me about it :-)

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