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Re: [fab] Modern File Heirarchy

Bill Nottingham wrote:
Bryan Livingston (bryanlivingston gmail com) said:
Do away with the standard unix directory heirarchy.  It's archaic,
non-intuitive, non-internationalized and dangerous from an application
management perspective.

OK, why is this *AT ALL* appropriate for the board - what's your
purpose here?

If you can't convince the project itself, why are you bringing
this to an administrative entity?


I think people quite often confuse Fedora Project Board to be a technical decisions team (which I think should be formed by merging FESCo and people from Fedora Core) rather than a administrative team which is partially our fault since we dont have any documents explaining our governance mode, policy and relationship of different teams such as the board and the steering committees.

I will get to doing that soon.


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