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Re: Modern File Hierarchy

Peter Kukums wrote:
Just my two cents worth.

I think more time should be spent on bits that don't work not bits that

For example, the package update process. I installed Fedora Core 5 on a
new system and I was impressed with how well it worked without much
intervention on my part.

But yesterday I performed an update of all my installed packages and now
I can no longer print to any of my printers (CUPS was updated). How can
beginners possibly cope with something like this??

Seems unrelated to file hierarchy in any manner. Have you filed a bug report on this?

 As part of desktop
usability they would expect what was once working to keep working!!

Thats not desktop usability. Thats general QA for the whole distribution.

update process should be more transparent. And as a beginner I can also
see no easy way of rolling back to a previous working version either!

Yum recently got a downgrade plugin. See fedora-devel list.


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