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Re: Kadischi GUI : usability

On 9/13/06, David Zeuthen <david fubar dk> wrote:
Maybe one question to ask is whether it makes sense to have a GUI at
all? I mean, looking at your proposed UI, even though I suppose you
tried hard, it contains all sort of information that only experienced
Fedora users truly understands. And these are very likely to be capable
of editing configuration or scripts.

Actually there is a meaning behind it, as you may have noticed behind
kadischi there is only JasperHartline and I. I'm trying to make a GUI
with simple features at first just to gain attention and attract more
contributors and testers of different archs. Recently I've posted a
Call for testing under 64 bit hardware but haven't got many
volunteers, so perhaps a gui might be user friendly.

I guess, I'm saying that it's a bit like e.g. system-config-httpd or
system-config-bind - a pretty UI that doesn't really do everything you
want. And if you can make it do the things you want, it's usually much
easier just to edit the files in shell.
For example, what would happen if I'd want to configure other bits than
the ones exposed in the UI? What if I want to make e.g. NetworkManager
default? I'd say, just let users edit a script - that will give them
much more freedom, to e.g. configure the system the way they want it.

This is just what I think, however.

Indeed, at some point we can't satisfy everyone, but however if
someone wants to add such feature as your example, we would be happy
to perhaps include it. The more we get feedback the more it will make
things behind kadischi moving.


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