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Re: [Fedora-livecd-list] pilgrim livecd work

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Rahul escribió:
> Once this method is propagated and commonly used, users would
> already have installations which they would want to upgrade later.
> Having this functionality in a Live CD would mean that I could just
> forget about Anaconda in Fedora and stick with a Live CD for all my
> needs which is confined to a desktop and grabbing stuff on demand
> off the network.
- From a user's perspective, Anaconda could be used for the "full
version", i.e the DVD or full set of CDs composing the totality of
Fedora, while you can simply install (I hate saying this, but again,
like Ubuntu) from one of the various liveCDs/LiveDVDs... Only
prerequisite I see in this approach is to have a means to either:

- - have all the necessary .repo files already in place, so when the
installation is performed, and the user might want additional
software, (s)he could simply fire up pirut, and all the headers would
be updated "automagically" and the software retrieved from the
repositories; or

- - have a minimum set of .repo files, and a routine in yum, so that
when either run from the CLI or with pirut or even pup, the necessary
repos get installed (sort of a "first-update" operation, a la first
boot configuration), and the system updated/ready to install new software.

I'd lean more towards the former approach, as simple text files don't
take too much space, especially since they can compress so well. The
problem would then be deciding which repos to include, as it would
rock if livna-release package was available in Extras to be able to
grab packages from Livna (with a big Red Flag of Warning, if you
will), but sort of make it so that the end users wouldn't have to mess
and fetch the keys and packages manually, etc, etc.

Just my 2¢.

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