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Re: [Fedora-livecd-list] pilgrim livecd work

On 9/20/06, David Zeuthen <davidz redhat com> wrote:
Sure, I'm all for that and am hopeful to get contributors besides
myself. Would have to review patches etc. on list since other projects
such as OLPC depends on pilgrim. But that's no different from other open
source projects.

After reading all these mails :), i'll tend to say that pilgrim's yum
approach sounds great. Yum's new metaparser might play a great role as
well. However, anaconda provides kickstart file feature to kadischi
and this is greatly used by people in the fedora-livecd list.

Sure, I'm not saying that kadischi has to adapt itself to pilgrim's
theory. But since, kadischi is only maintained for the moment by
Jasper and I at a very slow rate, it would be best to consider on what

* what is Kadischi, by the Fedora Project
* which one should be a Fedora Live image Creator/Installer
* how both pilgrim and kadischi can benefit.

Ill try pilgrim this weekend.

The first step towards that, and something I'd like anyway, is moving
the pilgrim git repository from my home directory on freedesktop.org to
Fedora infrastructure. Any pointers to how I do that? Thanks.

is it possible to have under svn ? :p i've cvs access blocked over my place.

David, is your presentations available for download ? I'll like to
have a look at them :)


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