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Re: low-hanging fruit

David Zeuthen wrote:
On Thu, 2007-08-16 at 09:06 +0300, Nicu Buculei wrote:
Matthias Clasen wrote:
- reconsider default panel config (launchers)
This is something I think is badly needed, for quite some time I wanted to talk about this but was not bold enough to bring the topic out so far. I think is about the time for the OpenOffice.org icons to go away from the default panel, they were useful some years ago to inform people Fedora has a capable Office Suite, but by now everybody know and expect this and an office suite is boring. I think those launchers would be better replaced by something people like: multimedia, at least a launcher for Rhythmbox and maybe something people really use (usage stats gathered from Mugshot, but this would suggest a launcher for the terminal as very desired).

+1 for doing this; in the same breath we should depart from having the
generic web browser launcher in the panel and instead just add the
Firefox launcher or whatever default browser we ship [1]. Definitely
something we can and should do in this release.


[1] : IIRC the reason for the generic launcher is that the program it
launches actually picks the browser from your choice made in the
"Preferred Applications" caplet. Ie. the thinking, or so I was
explained, is that if you change your browser in "Preferred
Applications", the launcher will respect that choice.
However, I think the price of having that eyesore is too high; users who
know how to go into "Preferred Applications" are most likely more than
capable of removing the Firefox launcher from their panel.

It'd be even better if that launcher would simply display the name and icon of your preferred browser. :)


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