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Re: low-hanging fruit

Rahul Sundaram escribió:
Gian Paolo Mureddu wrote:
Matthias Clasen escribió:
- no root user

Oh please no! (fine fort the LiveCD, but absolutely NOT for the installed version!) I recently HAD to enable the root account in a *buntu system as trying to do some batch stuff with BASH with for-in loops and stuff is FUTILE without a *proper* root account (yes, I tend to use quite a bit for-in loops for repetitive commands in a single command line). Seamless security is fine with me, but a *proper* account will still be needed for those where should anything go wrong and you require to do emergency maintenance.

# sudo su -


Why do we have to 'follow suit'? GDM root login disabled is perfectly fine, adding sudo by default doesn't seem like very good idea for me, especially after my experiences with *buntu systems where the whole */sbin paths are visible to the regular users, and though many of those commands need proper authentication to do their job, there are quite a few which can run with regular UIDs. I've always thought that the presence of a proper 'root' account in Fedora and Red Hat was way better than having one "disabled".

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