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Re: Fedora 8 Boot Process

To Jeremy and Gian-

Well that's good.. after reading your posts I am comforted to know the boot process isn't going out the window. I guess I was just worried that I'd be stuck using text-only mode for the functionality I enjoy now. Because I know having fancy graphics chipset drivers load on the boot for good effects will work on older cards, I know it probably won't work for cards that are new and have limited x11 driver support. So it'd be nice for those cards to be able to fall back to the existing boot process rather then all the way to text-only mode.

I am still unclear on what you intend to do to the grub boot process. are you going to merge the new boot animation so that grub/kernel/service loading is all under one status screen? It definitely shouldn't be a hassle for a user to get to this menu. 

All in all, It'd be nice to see that page have better explanations of the project's goals. Things like "there should be no text messages" should be elaborated; so users like me who joined the mailing list after the said discussion on this new boot process actually know what is going on.

Thanks for elaborating on the projects goals.


Jeremy Katz wrote:
On Sun, 2007-07-22 at 21:36 -0500, Gian Paolo Mureddu wrote:
Brian Tate escribió:
2) Switch to graphical Mode in initrd, draw an animation....
   I have an animation now in rhgb, and as a bonus I can see all my 
services loading if I hit the "more" button. I trust this feature will 
not go away?
Ever heard of Linux BootSplash? Is way better than RHGB in that 
BootSplash (upon which I'm assuming they're basing this) does not 
require to launch an early Xserver (in other words, it consumes quite a 
bit of resources to do that and can't be done as soon as the kernel is 
loaded, where as BootSplash can, as it is part of the kernel image).

The idea isn't to use bootsplash because bootsplash is not at all
upstream and basically has zero chance of getting there.  Instead, work
is underway so that the kernel can do native modesetting for various
graphics chipsets.  Then we'll just go the same mode and avoid the mode
switch and corresponding monitor flash.



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