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f8 desktop livecd


Some people may not know that in Fedora 7, there was a difference
between the DVD and the Live CD.  What happened is (as far as I
understand it) David Zeuthen took a look at things, and exercised a bit
of editorial control by using the kickstart file - ship NetworkManager
enabled by default, for example.  This is exactly what Fedora as a
desktop needs; a place for people who care about the experience as a
desktop to do those quick fixes that may be hard to change in the Fedora

So, following a quick huddle with a few people from the Red Hat desktop
team, we decided to make this LiveCD kickstart file a bit more of a
project.  Actually, the project already exists:


So this mail is just to say that this project exists (and I know a lot
of people didn't know about the difference), and will move forward.  For
Fedora 8, it would make sense to more prominently distinguish this
version as the Desktop version.

Ideally of course, this project will be minimal - for example, the work
to make NetworkManager usable on servers makes sense, and should

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