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An idea about representing groups of programs as one entity

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Hi All,

Recently I had a brain-wave (or brain damage if you will) and came out
with an idea of extended menu items.

I tried to formulate my ideas in a blog entry[1] that I posted a few
days ago and was hoping to take it up with a usability group.

I would request you to please read the blog entry since I have put
together some screen shots too on it.

The idea is simple:

1. A lot of applications can be identified as providing the same "feature"
2. In my menu items i see the "feature" as compared to a list of
3. This "Feature" item can either be drilled in order to get access to
the various "feature-providers", or can be clicked to launch the
"preferred" application
4. You can configure your preferred application via the
preferred-applications UI.

I am not sure if such an idea has already been discussed here or not. If
it has, then I would appreciate if someone can point me to the archives
that contains the discussion, so that I might be able to better
understand the pros and cons of such an approach.


[1] - http://roguexz.blogspot.com/2007/07/problem-of-many.html

p.s.: I posted the same mail to the GNOME Usability list and haven't
heard anything!, so I thought I shall try to refine the idea out here
first before I take it back upstream.
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