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Re: F8 desktop features

Jeff Spaleta wrote:
On 7/27/07, Matthias Clasen <mclasen redhat com> wrote:
Being verbose not so much, more that fact that it feels like applying
for a Fedora Mortgage - you have been pre-approved !

I appreciate the status update to this list, but I'd have to concur
with Jesse. We really need to find ways for the active developers to
communicate their excitement about 'cool' things which are being
worked on as widely as possible.

So, there are two things here.

1. The Board/FESCo needs this information.  I'll agree using those hats.

2. The current way of getting the information is causing headache. "If you want to be allowed to work, you need to plead your case to the Don, and then every two weeks you need to pay up with status reports else your feature gets sent to sleep with the fishes." Using my maintainer hat, I'll agree with Matthias this policy is not ideal.

The answer is to continue getting the information but to fix the means of doing so. We're effectively adding hassle rather than inviting people and facilitating communication, which is just wrong wrong WRONG.

Possible solutions:

* Go to a "point man". Appoint someone from e.g. the KDE Sig, Desktop team, Rel-Eng, etc to provide updates for all relevant features. This lets the engineers do the work, and lets others contribute esp if they aren't necessarily engineers and facilitates intra-team communication. * Ask for updates via IRC, casually. Maintainers tend to be quite responsive when asked casually vs in a formal capacity. It's just geek nature. Fedora needs to mold around they work, not the other way around. A "Feature Manager" would be suited to do this. * Monitor checkins/IRC chat. Slightly more agressive version of the previous. Probably not feasible.
* ??? Other ideas here.

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