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Re: F8 desktop features

Christopher Aillon wrote:

1. The Board/FESCo needs this information.  I'll agree using those hats.

2. The current way of getting the information is causing headache. "If you want to be allowed to work, you need to plead your case to the Don, and then every two weeks you need to pay up with status reports else your feature gets sent to sleep with the fishes." Using my maintainer hat, I'll agree with Matthias this policy is not ideal.

I am not sure who anybody needs to plead to. FESCo approval is a simple check so that people don't end up putting things non-free software helpers in the roadmap or anything else like that. If we are tracking some features, they would need status reports. The need for that should be obvious.

Possible solutions:

* Go to a "point man". Appoint someone from e.g. the KDE Sig, Desktop team, Rel-Eng, etc to provide updates for all relevant features. This lets the engineers do the work, and lets others contribute esp if they aren't necessarily engineers and facilitates intra-team communication.

Desktop doesn't have a SIG, a list of members, lead, regular irc meetings or a contact point documented unlike the other examples pointed out here but if they do the specs could easily have desktop SIG as the contact point instead of a specific person. That is in fact already the case for example, the spec for the KDE 4 plan where KDE SIG is the owner. Point man is Rex Dieter.

* Ask for updates via IRC, casually. Maintainers tend to be quite responsive when asked casually vs in a formal capacity. It's just geek nature. Fedora needs to mold around they work, not the other way around. A "Feature Manager" would be suited to do this. * Monitor checkins/IRC chat. Slightly more agressive version of the previous. Probably not feasible.

Formal capacity vs informal chat seems to a matter of sending mails vs asking on IRC. IRC has several problems as a means of tracking features. Spec owners are distributed all over the world. Many of them don't do IRC. Finding which server or channels they hang out in can be difficult. You have to be in the same time zone etc. Sounds tedious to me.


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