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Re: F8 desktop features

Christopher Aillon wrote:

As was pointed out on other lists, that doesn't stop anyone from putting in non-free software. They simply have to not write a feature page on the wiki and just do it. We can take recourse, but the FESCo approval process does not stop it if someone wants to do it. So, one could make the argument that FESCo approval should be needed only if someone is unsure about whether it is a good idea; not for everything, which would be more of a "steering" role IMO.

... which is fine by me. I don't think a FESCo approval is really necessary for each and every feature. FESCo can generally have a "keep an eye on the feature list" item in their schedule all the time and ask questions if needed.

Yeah. Now if only there was a member of desktop that was on the board/fesco that had stated they wanted to facilitate communication between the desktop team and both the board and fesco as part of their mission statement prior to successfully being elected....

In that case you should list yourself as the feature own for all the desktop related specs. If desktop team is a SIG it should act more like all the other SIG's in Fedora and list the lead, members, tasks to do etc.

What the desktop team does was pretty opaque to me and that has improved quite a lot these days since I can read the feature list and this mailing list isn't dead either.

KDE SIG is a very good example to follow since they do open weekly irc meetings too which is pretty good to keep track of what that team is doing.

Or we could make you do it since you seem to never sleep and thus are in everyone's timezone. ;-)

That would work too, seriously. If you want me as a gateway for some of the specs, let me know.


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