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livecd hacking

I've done some work on the Live CD kickstart images, available here:


(Until Jeremy returns from vacation and can review patches to be put in
the main livecd git repository)

The most important change so far is to create
"livecd-desktop-minimal.ks" which is then used as a basis for:


Rather than each thing duplicating a lot of code for the livecd init
script, etc.

The online-desktop is just a stub right now while I fix up some issues,
but I've booted the livecd-fedora-desktop successfully
(livecd-desktop-minimal.ks also boots...into twm!  Retro.).

Admittedly I haven't tested the KDE one, but moving forward this
unforking should help us to identify changes common between them which
seem like good candidates for comps or Fedora package changes.

Sebastian, since you were the last person to touch the KDE bits, could
you have a look at these changes?

I also added a number of improvements to livecd-creator, the git log has
the gory details.

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