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Re: KDE-Live-CD: basic cd layout and localizations

Sebastian Vahl wrote:

I've created a new basic layout for the cd:
The size on todays rawhide is about 667 MB.
Please tell me which package should be added or removed.

On todays KDE-SIG-Meeting Rex Dieter and Kevin Kofler suggested to give
the local communities the ability to create their own localized cds
easily. To do this there should be an extra configuration file for each
language which adds the needed packages and do some configurations. And
also the additional language must fit on one cd.
A second option for localized versions could (or should?) be a
live-dvd with all available language packages. livecd-creator in git
seems to be able to do this (but I haven't checked this yet). [1]

I've created a first draft for an configuration for the german language.
This adds kde-i18n-de and koffice-langpack-de to the cd. Also the
standard keyboard layout, the local timezone and the locale is changed.
To change the keyboard layout inside kde I've used an ugly
workaround.[2] If anybody knows a better way, please tell me. :)
Compared to the version above this one needs ~675 MB.

To create the configuration files for different languages I need some
informations from one person that uses the language:
1. /etc/sysconfig/i18n
2. /etc/sysconfig/keyboard
3. /etc/sysconfig/clock
4. keybordtype from "system-config-keyboard --help"
5. needed additional packages (eg. scim-* or fonts-*)

And of course all are invited to discuss this. :)


[1] http://git.fedoraproject.org/?p=hosted/livecd


How to create the live cd:

Install livecd-tools:

rpm -ivh livecd-tools-001-3.fc7.i386.rpm

Create the spin:

livecd-creator \
\ --repo=lcd7,http://www.deadbabylon.de/fedora/livecd/i386/ \ --package=fedora-livecd-kde \ --fslabel=Fedora-7-Test2-KDE

This results in the error:

Cannot open/read repomd.xml file for repositry:lcdr_c7
Error installing packages
Error during installation


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