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Plans for the desktop beyond Fedora 7, status update

I thought it might be a good idea to catch the moment before the release
of Fedora 7 to give a quick update on where we stand with respect to
Fedora 8 features. I have also updated those feature pages with pointers
to review bugs, etc, but here is a summary: 


Havoc and his team have been really busy, and there will be bigboard
packages for people to play with when rawhide reopens. An online-desktop
package which provides further integration is currently under review.


The codeina package is currently under review and should land in rawhide 


Bastian has started to work on this; support for ObexFTP in gnome-vfs
should land in rawhide tomorrow; and Bluetooth printer support is
currently being integrated upstream.  


Not much visible progress yet, but we have begun to make pulseaudio work
nicely with fast-user-switching.


David has it all worked out in his head :-) Code should start to appear
in the next few weeks...


We have started to prototype this, but there is not much to see yet,
since we need modesetting in the kernel for this.


Nothing new here yet.

All in all, quite a few new things to expect in rawhide soon, together with
Gnome 2.19...


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