Fedora and 3D Desktop

Valent Turkovic valent.turkovic at gmail.com
Mon Feb 4 17:59:24 UTC 2008

On Feb 4, 2008 12:28 AM, Jeff Spaleta <jspaleta at gmail.com> wrote:
> On Feb 1, 2008 3:47 AM, Valent Turkovic <valent.turkovic at gmail.com> wrote:
> > Some distributions ask during the
> > install if users would like to start 3D desktop feature, and in Fedora
> > users usually need to know exactly where to go to enable 3D effects.
> > I'm not saying that one is better that the other, just saying what I
> > see on other distros.
> In the future, please do not make general comparisons about 'other
> distros' when you want to make a comparative statement.  If you want
> to make a comparison, say specifically which distros you want other
> people to look at. There's absolutely no way for me to know which
> distros you are talking about.. and i'm sure as hell not going to
> start randomly installing distros from distrowatch in an effort to
> understand exactly what you are talking about.

Well I had a really bad experience on fedora lists with naming the
exact distros and that is why I opted to be a bit elusive this time.
My experience is that fedora devels (or non devels on this lists)
don't like mentioning names like ubuntu, opensuse, mandriva, etc...
and don't like being compared and that is why I didn't name any names.

Ubuntu and Mandriva are the ones I thought about but didn't mention out loud.

> Valent, you have already commented in another location that you want
> to see podcasts. Here's is a perfect example where YOU could have
> provided some sort of video podcast for the rest of us to watch so the
> we can understand exactly what you are talking about.. It would have
> been a very good use of a video podcast.  Making some rather
> generalized statements about unspecified 'other distros' doesn't give
> us enough information to even have a competent dialog.

Can you be just a bit more specific? I can do that... what would be
cool - a video podcast about comparing fedora and different distros of
3D desktop bugs I came across?

> In the future, you must be more specific.

No problem.


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