OOo Draw in the menus

Gian Paolo Mureddu gmureddu at
Tue Feb 12 17:54:07 UTC 2008

Some time ago I posted to the Marketing list about a little "test" I was
performing with some friends and family who are (or rather were) not
familiar with Linux or Fedora at all, and were exposed to the LiveCD.
There were some interesting comments and I generated an OOo enabled
LiveCD for them to test with it. At any rate, part of the feedback I got
since then, was about OOo Draw. Basically one of my relatives found out
about it from the main File - New menu entry on the various OOo
programs. Thinking it was part of Impress I got an e-mail asking about
it. The e-mail basically said that if "this draw application was part of
Impress why it had another entry in the File - New menu.  I then
proceeded to explain that OOo draw is another application, and was
immediately caught off guard when I got a prompt reply of "How come,
then that it doesn't have an applications menu entry, if it is a full
blown app of its own, then?" And that's why I ask here, since I double
checked on my four other Fedora machines (one desktop running F8,
another running F7, yet another running F9 alpha and a laptop with F8),
and indeed is installed, but there is no menu entry
for the application, even though there is the .desktop file
/usr/share/applications/, any particular reason why it isn't included in
either the Office or Graphics applications menus?

Thanks in advance.

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