gdm version in Fedora 9

Nicu Buculei nicu_fedora at
Wed Feb 20 16:47:12 UTC 2008

As I understand, the GNOME release team has decided to ship gdm version 
2.20 in GNOME 2.22 due to a number of regression but the plan for Fedora 
  is still to have gdm 2.22 in F9, is this correct?

I ask this from the perspective of the Art Team, we approach a deadline 
(in about a week) when the desktop theme is supposed to be complete so 
is important for us to know *how* gdm will be themed.
My understanding is that theming in the new gdm is much simpler (just a 
background image and the rest is done from Gtk+), could someone provide 
additional info?

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