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Re: How to remove some mounted partition icons?

Valent Turkovic wrote:
I have Fedora 8 and on the gnome desktop I see some icons from my
partitions that I don't wan't on my gnome desktop.

Happy New Years, and thanks for providing me a golden opening for a truly unimportant rant-

Personally in response to your issue, I remind you of what you probably already know- There is absolutely no reason you NEED to have a *&@#!!! file manager as your desktop. Just gconf nautilus away from your desktop, and then open nautilus/places from your main menu, or a panel launcher when you need to.

(IMO) What a stupid microsoftism (or whoever they copied from copied it from ism) to be chasing.

Sure it's all a nice and sexy advertisement of linux handling removable storage in a not completely sucky way (anybody remember supermount?). But once we get to the point of removable storage handling working in a robust stable unchanging way for a while, the novelty and joy of getting instant feedback that the mechanism actually worked, will wear off.

You can still have that annoying stupid 'import photos' dialog pop up which can be a gateway to opening the file manager to that volume.

What else is the desktop-as-filemanager useful for? A cache of icon-'desktop'-entries that the user likes? That would be much better served if modifying the main menu were as easy as it already is to drag an entry from there to the panel.

Anyway, Happy Holidays folks, you may now resume your long thread, which I appreciate solely for the reminder of the fstab comment entry, which I'm surprised jkatz didn't overtly point out to me yet, if he was reading this thread (as it relates to my desire to have some clean mechanism to protect a filesystem which is a subcomponent of the rootfs from being unmounted before the rootfs).



I don't have a problem with having my storage partition on my desktop
but I also have also 4 other linux distos on my laptop and I see all
of their system partitions on my desktop!

I know that there is a way to disable ALL partition shortcuts but then
I wouldn't see my usb drives on desktop when I plug in usb flash
drives and I don't want that.

So how do I remove only the shortcuts I don't want from my desktop?

I saw an Ubuntu (which obviously also uses Gnome) trick which doesn't
work on fedora
On ubuntu only drives that are in /media are shown on the gnome desktop.
I edited /etc/fstab so that partitions I don't want on desktop are
mounted in /mnt - that worked on my Ubuntu but it didn't work in

And ideas?

Thank you

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