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Re: How to remove some mounted partition icons?

Jesse Keating <jkeating j2solutions net> wrote:
>I think people are getting hung up on "separate partition" when really
>it's more of 'nonstandard mount point'.  Had you mounted it in /srv/
>or /usr/local/ or somewhere in /var it likely wouldn't show up on the

As currently implemented mounts _in_ those places do appear on the
desktop.  A mount _on_ /srv wouldn't.  There's a hardcoded list of
special mount points in gnome-vfs2 that are excluded from appearing on
the desktop.

But what's special about that list?  It's derived from the Filesystem
Hierarchy Standard, but the FHS isn't the last word on mount points.
It isn't even primarily about mount points.  There are some things in
the list that are commonly used as mount points (/usr) and some that
aren't (/lib).

And a hardcoded list is fragile.  There's already a Fedora patch to
gnome-vfs2 to add some mount points that got left out upstream.

I think having a list of specially blessed mount points is bad design.
For my purposes I've ripped out the list and replaced it with code that
prevents anything in /etc/fstab from appearing on the desktop (patch is
in Bugzilla #384201).  But that might not suit everyone.


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