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Re: How to remove some mounted partition icons?

On 12/31/07, Jeff Spaleta <jspaleta gmail com> wrote:
> On Dec 30, 2007 10:33 PM, David Zeuthen <davidz redhat com> wrote:
> > I'd like to think that if you have a dedicated partition that you
> > actually go through the trouble of mounting at a non-standard mount
> > point, then it's because you have data on it that you want to access. If
> > you want to access the data, then you should get an icon on the desktop.
> For the simple user desktop case, I would agree with you.  But there
> are non-trivial multiuse scenarios that aren't easily planned for that
> end up being a hybrid of desktop and server.  Personally ive been
> using the 99-redhat file to hide internal partitions on the machines
> at home from desktop users which are mounted on demand by services
> that make use of the storage area. Doing it at the hal layer makes it
> hide everywhere in the Gnome interface: Computer, Desktop, and disk
> mounter applet, which makes more sense to me.

I was off the mailing list for the week and I see the discussion got
long way since I started the thread...

I read through posts on this thread and thought about it. I believe
that having partitions show up on the Desktop is a good thing, because
on a live CD if you want to make some recovery with live cd.

On a desktop and laptop systems we (more advanced users or even
beginners) have more partitions, maybe 2-3 different linuxes, windows,
multimedia partition, document partition, windows shared partition...
lots of partition :) No I don't use /home for all my data.

I need some of them on my Desktop because it quickens my workflow but
I believe that there should be an easy was to remove ones I (and
others) don't need on their desktop. The best way from users point of
view would be "right click - remove this icon from desktop" or some
tool like called Fedora Tweak that would allow this (example:

I'm far from being a developer and I know about "upstream first", but
as I understand this can be done without breaking gnome or doing
anything against upstream Gnome.

> Having all partitions show up in computer window as mountable but only
> having some appear on the Desktop as mounted, doesn't make sense to me
> either.  Being able to turn off disk icons as a group in the desktop,
> I understand, but selectively its difficult to see why you want them
> to still be mountable but not show up on the Desktop when mounted.
> I don't really understand why Valent wants a solution so high up in
> the software stack and just worrying about hiding already mounted
> partitions selectively. I'm trying real hard to understand the
> reasoning to just hide the mounted systems on an individual basis.  If
> we were going to hide things, I would think we'd want to hide them
> from the Gnome desktop everywhere and that means doing it in the Hal
> layer so they don't show up in the Computer window as a mountable
> partition.  Maybe Valent doesn't really means what he thinks he means.
> -jef

I meant exactly what I wrote. Having an icon on the desktop and not
being able to remove it easily (just remove it not unmount it) goes
agings everything I know about desktop usability.


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