gnome-pilot with Bluetooth sync

Bastien Nocera bnocera at
Wed Jan 9 15:17:31 UTC 2008


I've built Matt Davey's work on gnome-pilot into a package. We (read Red
Hat) provided Matt with a Bluetooth-enabled Palm so he could do this
work, and he e-mailed me a couple of days after the Palm arrived with
patches, and a tarball of stuff to test. Unfortunately, I didn't have my
Palm to test this on holidays, so here it is a bit later than could have

You'll need the latest pilot-link build with Bluetooth enabled:

After that, install those beta gnome-pilot packages:

1. Setup your PC as the BT hotsync device on your Palm:
Bluetooth → Setup Devices → PC Setup → Bluetooth Hotsync, and select
your computer in the list (make sure it's made visible in the Bluetooth
applet's preferences)
2. Add the Palm to the gnome-pilot setup:
Preferences → Hardware → PalmOS Devices
And enable some of the conduits
3. Ready to Sync! Go to Hotsync on the Palm, select your computer in the
drop-down, and click the sync icon.

Voila! You can use a tool like BTSync to make syncing more automated:

Note that there is a known security problem with the Bluetooth backend:

This will hopefully be fixed before F9.


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