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Re: What should the desktop spin for F9 look like ?

On Jan 28, 2008 9:48 AM, Matej Cepl <mcepl redhat com> wrote:
> Either of these would be OK with me -- being a bugmaster for the
> desktop team, I think I could extend my role to this easily. Of
> course, I could swear only to be present in working hours (CET).

We all do what we can.  I just want a system so I and everyone else,
can see who's committed to doing what, so we can start getting a sense
of what contribution means beyond maintaining a package.  Helping
other users is part of that, but we don't really 'see' it or recognize
it, at the project level. I think its time to do that.  For example,
#fedora could be a lot better than what it is, if we organized help
just a weebit.  Office hours in a help channel, is a small thing, but
makes a lot of sense.   And if we can have a helper or two attached to
every SIG, so we can carve out some common tasking across all SIGs,
then maybe having an office hour or two in the irc channel could be
one of those things.

Organizing a group of helpers I don't think will be very hard, we
don't need 24 hour coverage, having holes in the schedule encourages
new people to step up.

But if we are going to do it, then we need to have the bits in
place... UI which whisks people to an irc channel, and works with
livecd images.  So the UI pretty much has to ask for an irc nick to
use..unique default username can't be assumed for livecd scenarios.
Do we have someone we can do the technical bits and make the push for
help button happen?  That person isn't me.  If someone can commit to
making that button happen, I'll organize the initial helpdesk members
and ops for a new channel (or perhaps I'll clean up #fedora.. which
would involve allowing non registered users)


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