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Re: No Network with Network-Manager Daemon

Hi Dan,
hi all,

>> It seems to me that NetworkManager Daemon
>> make worse things?
>> Is this a new daemon?
> Nope; it's been around since FC3 at least.  Had you turned
> NetworkManager on before May 14th?  It wasn't turned on in F8 by
> default, so if it's running now then either (a) you turned it on, or (b)
> I messed up the packaging and it's getting turned on in the %post or
> something.

I can't say for sure that it was not running before,
but if i read the mail from logwatch right, it was installed with
that update:

Packages Installed:
    kdegraphics-libs - 7:3.5.9-2.fc8.i386
    PersonalCopy-Lite-patches - 4.1-3.fc8.noarch
    imlib - 1:1.9.15-6.fc8.i386
    NetworkManager - 1:0.7.0-0.6.7.svn3370.fc8.i386
    system-config-network-tui - 1.5.5-1.fc8.noarch
    kdebase-libs - 6:3.5.9-7.fc8.i386
    NetworkManager-glib - 1:0.7.0-0.6.7.svn3370.fc8.i386
    kernel-devel -
    libpaper - 1.1.22-1.fc8.1.i386
    python-mpd - 0.2.0-3.fc8.noarch
    kernel -
    poppler-qt - 0.6.2-1.fc8.i386

 Packages Updated:
    kdebase - 6:3.5.9-7.fc8.i386
    perl - 4:5.8.8-39.fc8.i386
    shared-mime-info - 0.23-2.fc8.i386
    rsync - 2.6.9-5.fc8.i386
    openoffice.org-langpack-en - 1:2.3.0-6.14.fc8.i386
    libgnomeprint22-devel - 2.18.4-1.fc8.i386
    systemtap-runtime - 0.6.2-1.fc8.i386
    openoffice.org-core - 1:2.3.0-6.14.fc8.i386

I make the update from the console (yum update), so i think
that there are dependencies with NetworkManager.

> Is your eth0 supposed to be your default route to the internet,

Yes. i only setup the default gateway address of the router.
I have seen that eth0 is more often switched on and off
during boot if NetworkManager is active and i first thought
that Fedora is trying to configure the route during the off

> and do
> you have a list of custom routes defined for the eth0 device when it's
> brought up?

No. I only do the default fedora network setup (ip, netmask, DNS,
Gateway). I never changed anything in the routing.

Thanks for replying and Best Regards,


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