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Re: A new user management tool

On Fri, 2008-05-23 at 09:06 -0400, Matthias Clasen wrote:
> > At least for some SMBs (those who don't trust Google/Yahoo/... with
> > their mails), a user mgmt tool should at some point (by way of a plugin
> > or else) do exactly that, e.g. log into the company's cyrus-imapd and
> > create a mailbox for the user. Maybe that's better suited for the
> > enterprisey kind of user mgmt tool, however.
> In fact, an earlier draft of the design had the idea of plugins for this
> kind of setup tasks. Maybe we'll have to revisit it. 
> For the client-side email setup, I guess you could get 90% of the way
> there sabayon - just give the user a sabayon profile that has all the
> mail configuration set up except for the email address, that evolution
> can then pick up from the user service... 

I'm not sure we should be having e-mail addresses, or even e-mail setup
in the system (unless it was possible to do for sysadmins as a Python
plugin, or something).

I have 6 e-mail addresses from different projects, some are aliases,
some are different accounts, which would be too complicated to 1)
present in the UI rationally, 2) setup without having people bored about
the details when they're just trying to login.

It would make more sense, for the "this is my e-mail" to be able to call
up evolution's addressbook to be able to enter parts of that
information, or have a way to import the data from somewhere else (beam
a vCard from your phone). MacOS X has that "that vCard is me" concept in
the addressbook as well.

What we _could_ setup would be an GNOME Online Desktop login, that's
been discussed previously for setting up a small storage, blog, etc. for
single users, similar to .Mac. This would be less intrusive as a first
step, but would certainly require more infrastructure.


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