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Re: A new user management tool

Matthias Clasen wrote:
We (Jon McCann and myself, with some input from others) have been
working on a design for a new user management tool, with the goal of
coming up with something better than the current trias of
system-config-users, gnome-about-me and gdmsetup.
The design is not finalized, you can see the current state of affairs
here: http://people.redhat.com/mclasen/user-account3.pdf.bz2
(I really wanted to put this on the wiki, but all I could only get proxy
errors when trying to do so).

Comments are welcome. Please note the section on target audience and use


Please add fields to set and change user and group IDs - they are important especially in an enterprise environment.

Am I right, that the "Login options" are not user specific? (No user is selected.) So please separate it from the users list and move it below the "Add"- and "Remove"-user buttons. Then it is more clear that you can not add and remove "Login options", but something in the list. BTW: I think it would be nice to give the list a description.

If you do not like the word "login", then you could use these two: "User Name" and "Full Name".


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