Echo Icon Theme in F10?

Martin Jürgens martin at
Mon Oct 13 18:09:11 UTC 2008

Just from an end user perspective I find that Echo looks very sexy in
the Beta and that we'd stick with it. Although the communication could
have been better.


Am Montag, den 13.10.2008, 17:03 +0000 schrieb Martin Sourada:
> Hi,
> most of you probably know, but I'll write it again - Echo Icon Theme is
> the default icon theme in F10 since Beta (for testing purposes and
> exposition to wider audience) and I am one of the feature owners. The
> change is rather small (in that it does not break things, replaces just
> graphics, no code) but pretty much exposed. I'd like to make clear that
> we are not going to go against general opinion and I deem it natural for
> the Art (since it's art) and Desktop (since it's going to be default in
> Gnome Desktop) Teams to decide whether we are ready or not.
> Because of the nature of the change it is IMHO possible to make the
> decision last minute (i.e. around the development freeze). What I'd like
> to ask you now is the preferred way to decide upon it. Should we hold a
> irc meeting, do a mail vote, set up a vote in the fedora voting system,
> other way? I'd prefer the vote in the fedora voting system (opened for
> Art and Desktop team members only), but if you think otherwise would be
> better, don't hesitate to suggest.
> I also think that about three or four days for the vote should be
> enough, so I propose the voting dates to be set to
> 2008/10/23--2008/10/26. Is that OK with you?
> Thanks for your comments,
> Martin
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