Voting considered harmful (Was: Re: Echo Icon Theme in F10?)

Bill Nottingham notting at
Wed Oct 15 15:46:35 UTC 2008

Nicu Buculei (nicu_fedora at said: 
> Nodoka is included in even more distros and a desktop theme (like Solar)  
> is too volatile and with little use beyond Fedora - other distros can  
> use the wallpaper, but they have little use of Anaconda splashes and  
> such (note that we keep the branding low on those images so they *can*  
> be used by other distros) .

At least two other distros use anaconda, most other distros use grub,
and obviously KDE and GNOME (which we theme the splashes for, even
if we don't necessarily display them) are pretty universal, not to
mention GDM/KDM.


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