Browser mode for nautilus

David Zeuthen davidz at
Mon Oct 27 16:58:15 UTC 2008

On Mon, 2008-10-27 at 12:18 -0400, Ray Strode wrote:
> This case in particular is silly, since Alex (who wrote spatial mode) is 
> upstream GNOME and downstream Fedora.

You are missing the point that the sums of the bits (our product) is
larger than the bits itself (each package). I posited in my original
mail that we can create a better product if we have a dictator (or group
of dictators) that makes decisions. In other words, we need to move away
from the model where every package maintainer maintains his own fiefdom.
It's counter productive to the point that it cripples the product (e.g.
the firewall example I gave earlier).

(FWIW, in this particular case I see little chance of us actually
switching to browser mode. E.g. with the dictator candidates I have in
mind, I don't see it happening. I guess I'm just one of them odd-ball
browser mode persons.)

> This isn't the sort of thing we should diverge from upstream on.  If
> it makes sense to change it for Fedora, we should lobby to get it
> changed upstream as well.

Sure. But as I outlined in my original mail this is not always possible.
But it's a nice goal.


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