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Máirín Duffy duffy at
Tue Oct 28 13:21:52 UTC 2008

David Nielsen wrote:
> Den 28. okt. 2008 12.44 skrev Paul W. Frields <stickster at>:
>> We have a FUDCon coming up in January, in Boston where the majority of
>> the Desktop team resides.  That would be an ideal location and time for
>> this sort of summit!
> I would be a little concerned with relying to heavily on FUDcon for such
> work, Fedora is a big project, many contributors spread across the globe,
> many of whom would probably like their voice heard or have ideas they wish
> to share. A lot of these people will not be able to go and partake in the
> talks for simple reasons of time and/or money. Most of the time we don't
> even get good video or audio of all the proceedings afterwards so it's hard
> to traceback what the rationale for a decision is or to see what other
> vistas were explored. As such I would be afraid a high reliance on FUDcon
> for this work would lead to a lack of transparency in our process. I would
> hate for this to become Moses coming down from the mountain carrying specs
> set in stone without accompanying notes.

I would rather the vision be developed in an open public way
than live solely in the mind of some dictator who optionally
(as a "bonus") would actually communicate and work with
other community members.

Unfortunately it isn't possible for everyone who wants to
participate to be able to go to a physical meeting, but I
know for the spins meeting we did at the last FUDcon we were
very careful to make sure we took very good notes [1] and
blogged about it as well.

Once the story is developed it's easier to tell it and add
on to it I think. But developing it is a big step I'm not
sure of any better way to get done than a physical
brainstorming meeting.



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