The default theme for F12

William Jon McCann william.jon.mccann at
Wed Aug 5 14:42:00 UTC 2009

Hey Bill,

On Wed, Aug 5, 2009 at 10:30 AM, Bill Nottingham<notting at> wrote:
> William Jon McCann (william.jon.mccann at said:
>>  * Goals
>>     I don't agree with the stated goal of the Nodoka theme to make
>> something that looks uniquely Fedora which also includes an icon
>> theme.  A better goal is to look good and be well integrated with the
>> platform we are building upstream in GNOME.
> Well, given the stock Ubuntu themes, and the stock SLED themes,
> won't you end up with something that's uniquely Fedora even if
> you follow upstream?

That seems like it would be a side effect, yes.

>> > Also, would we be changing the icon set?
>> The current default is Mist, right?  Can someone describe for me the
>> exact differences between Mist and GNOME?  Seems to me that they are
>> similar.
> $ find /usr/share/icons/Mist/scalable/
> /usr/share/icons/Mist/scalable/
> /usr/share/icons/Mist/scalable/actions
> /usr/share/icons/Mist/scalable/actions/document-open.svg
> /usr/share/icons/Mist/scalable/status
> /usr/share/icons/Mist/scalable/status/folder-drag-accept.svg
> /usr/share/icons/Mist/scalable/status/folder-open.svg
> /usr/share/icons/Mist/scalable/status/folder-visiting.svg
> /usr/share/icons/Mist/scalable/places
> /usr/share/icons/Mist/scalable/places/folder-new.svg
> /usr/share/icons/Mist/scalable/places/folder-remote.svg
> /usr/share/icons/Mist/scalable/places/user-home.svg
> /usr/share/icons/Mist/scalable/places/folder.svg
> /usr/share/icons/Mist/scalable/places/folder-saved-search.svg

OK, that's what it looked like to me but just wanted to check.  Thanks
for checking.  So I'd say we go with the GNOME icons in that case.


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