Dropping Gimp from the live cd

Tomasz Kisielewski tomkis at hotmail.co.uk
Wed Aug 5 15:08:04 UTC 2009

I see it is not possible to make perfect live cd for everyone desktop users, sys admins, developers....
Why not to separate these groups and prepare 2 versions on fc13 live cd, for example desktop and developers edition?
It is stupid idea, but if U think about this....it might make sense. People who don't do programming, don't care about eclipse, apache, sqlite, php, python and other stuff. Developers and students, particularly last one would appreciate system ready to work for example with django, php on apache, mysql, eclipse, netbeans. I am not sure if we can make apache or mysql running from live cd, please frogive me my stupidity :)

> Date: Wed, 5 Aug 2009 10:52:47 -0400
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> Subject: Re: Dropping Gimp from the live cd
> Nicu Buculei (nicu_fedora at nicubunu.ro) said: 
> >> 1. my email
> >> 2. all the news in the world
> >> 3. a system for developing on
> >> 4. the necessary tools for adding new things to my system
> >> 5. all the documentation I could ever want
> >>
> >> that sounds pretty encompassing to me.
> >
> > So the audience of the Desktop Live CD, the one featured prominently on  
> > the download page (the first item there) and described as "It's  
> > everything you need to try out Fedora" is programmers/system 
> > administrators?
> Yes, that's why the LiveCD has Eclipse, gcc, and lots of -devel
> packages for programmers, and has wireshark, puppet, cobbler, and
> nmap for system administrators. Wait, what?
> I do not see at *all* how you make the leap from "LiveCD does not
> include Gimp" to "LiveCD must be for programmers and administrators."
> Bill
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